Bunny Believes

Kit & Clowder Pencil classes are just awesome.  If you are part of their regular monthly subscription, they often send out free classes and offers for free digital images.  Upon completing my October Snowmen and Penguins, I still felt like coloring.  Alyce had sent out some free digital images so I checked them out to see if there was anything that caught my eye.  There was, this adorable little bunny.  These are not classes, so its now up to you to put your knowledge and experience to work.  Of course, I made sure to use the right paper as I’ve learn how that makes a big difference (Canson Mi Tienes Pastel) and my Prismacolor pencils.  For sure, I was a little intimidated.  I started by swatching out all the brown pencils I had.  Then I experimented using a few of the browns and layering them to see if I liked the color combination and gradation.  I also made sure to note down which colors I was using in case I wanted to use them again.  Once I found the color combination I liked, I went ahead and colored in the bunny.  Pulling from what I’ve learned, I tried to pay attention to where shadows would be.   It took a bit of time.  When I got to the feet, I was a little stumped.  I could leave them white, but it didn’t seem right.  I proceeded to make them speckled.  Once I finished the bunny, I did the background using what I know. I made the tree taking from what I learned in my first Kit & Clowder class.  I made the background night sky and snow taking from what I learned in the October Kit & Clowder class.  Finally, I did turn this into a card and added a sentiment and mounted the card onto white card stock.  This was a beauty to me.  I had no direction; I had to figure it all out for myself… and I love how this turned out.


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