Get Yeti from Neat & Tangled 2017

I seem to have a fetish for Yeti’s.  I love them all.  When Neat & Tangled released their Get Yeti, I knew I had to Get it :).  This is such a fun set. I love all the characters that are included in this set.  You can use one character or many and create fun cards.

Here is my first creation with this set. My mind envisioned, Mr. Yeti was hiding behind a tree and everyone was playing Hide and Seek.  This is a shaker card and the back ground is a variety of blue hues to make a sky and I’ve heat embossed white snowflakes from the image included in the set.  The tree that came with the set was smaller than I was imagining so I used the Krumspring Happiness Overload geometric tree.  I stamped and embossed it with sparkle embossing powder.  I masked off part of the tree and stamped Mr. Yeti.  I used Canson XL watercolor paper and water colored the Yeti and tree (the tree has some sparkly paint on it as well).  I purposely made sure Mr. Yeti’s foot was not in the picture so that he would appear very large in size.  I watercolored the snowperson, penguin and doggie as well.

To put the card together, I attached a snow drift to the blue background and placed the snowperson on the left side, just a tad under the bank.    For the front of the card, I attached to the front of a piece of acetate the snowbank with the tree and Mr. Yeti.  I place a blue frame around the full size of the card and  I layed foam tape on the back side of the acetate where the tree and Mr. Yeti are.  I placed a various assortment of sequins inside and closed up the card.  Lastly, I decided where the penguin and doggy looked best (hiding from Mr. Yeti) and added the sentiment “It’s Christmas Time Again” to the front snowbank.  I decided I needed Mr. Yeti to be holding the sign “Yeti or Not” so I water colored this and attached it so it appears Mr. Yeti is holding it.

This was just my first card creation.  I love this set and will be creating more as time permits. Hope you enjoyed my card details and final output.


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