Kit & Clowder August Pencil Class

I have signed up for the monthly class from Kit & Clowder,  owner – Alyce.  I wanted to learn how to really use my color pencils and make them and my final product shine.  The August project was from The Paper Shelter – Little Bit Grumpy.  Its this cute little girl fairy digital stamp.  I had not worked with digital stamps before.  Basically you purchase and download the image.  You size it as you would like and print it out on the paper of your choice.  So, I did this and dove into the project.  The class provides you with a written document showing various pencil conversions so that if you don’t have the brand being used you can look up the alternate.  You also download class videos.  Each class has a full video, then smaller videos broken into small subject areas.  Before I started,  I read the document so I’d know the basis then I opened up and started following along to the video.  I have to say I am very impressed.  I learned so much about color blending shadows, reading what the artist implied into an image.  Great class.  Below is my final project.  For this I used Derwent color pencils.  I don’t remember the paper, but I learned which paper is very important, so I did go and invest in actual pencil coloring paper.

Grumpy 2017

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