Kit & Clowder October Pencil Class

My October Kit & Clowder (owner: Alyce) class uses a digital stamp from Whimsy Stamps, called: Penguins and Snowman.  This is my third class and I haven’t been disappointed yet.  I know I am learning and able to apply various things to my everyday craft projects.  This project was a lot of fun and a little scary.  As I have done for the other classes, I purchased and downloaded the digital stamp we’d be coloring.  I sized it to 5 X 7 and printed it on Canson Mi-Tientes Pastel white paper.  This is a dual surfaced paper and is perfect for using colored pencils.  I printed the document explaining all the parts to the coloring project and I downloaded all the videos.  I went through the videos and followed along with my coloring.  I love that since you are using a video, you can stop, back up, pause and progress at your own speed.  The image is typically just the class image and Alyce walks us through creating the background.  For this class, we enhanced the snow and added additional snow areas.  We also drew in the trees and colored a rendition of the Northern sky or Aurora Borealis.   Coloring the night sky was the scary part for me but I think it turned out nicely.  I just followed along and didn’t give up.  The last touch was drawing in with while gel pen snow flakes.  When we finish the class, you can always turn your images into cards.   My plan is date and sign them and look back to see where I started to where I have gone.  Already I can see so much growth.  If you are interested in her classes let me know and I can send you a link.

October KC 2017

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