Pencils on Colored Card Stock

I participate in the monthly Kit and Clowder pencil classes.  Alyce did a survey to see what everyone was interested in learning. There was a strong request for coloring on kraft card stock.  Therefore, the free class tutorial was a through demonstration on coloring (both pen and pencil) on kraft and dark card stock.   The digital image used was a cute Penguin Elf from Whimsy Stamps.   If you haven’t used digital stamps, they are so handy.  You can bring them to your word processor and resize them to bigger or smaller, flip the image, add backgrounds; there are so many options.

Below is my coloring on kraft and dark blue card stock.  The process is really simple, but what is critical is: remembering if coloring with pencils there isn’t much tooth on regular card stock so you have to go very light on the color layers.

Below is the Penguin Elf on kraft card stock using my Prismacolor colored pencils.

IMG_E3524      IMG_E3525

I wanted to try a darker card stock, so below is dark blue.

IMG_E3528      img_e3538.jpg

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