Hero Arts January My Monthly Hero “&”

Yesterday I received my Hero Arts – My Monthly Hero kit for January, 2018.  The first kit of the New Year.  The first thing I did was test out the colors: Mulled Wine, Red Royal, Navy and Passion Flower.  Next, I had to test all the dies: heart, corner edge, flourish piece and an ‘&’.  The dies are all really intricate and beautiful. I was really confused on how the ampersand worked.  I called my friendly Hero Arts customer service person (Hi Debbie) and we worked out the details.  The ampersand is a paper layering die. Which means, nothing is cut out from the die, rather areas are cut into the paper allow you to push them up and create a raised effect.  How cool!

I wanted to see it in action, so I took a piece of light pink cardstock and ran it through my Big Shot creating a rectangle and the ampersand within the rectangle.  Wow.. I really looks WOW.  From there, I really didn’t have  a plan for a card in mind. I  just looked and thought, oh, lets try this or that and I created a card using this layering ampersand and I think it turned out great!  What I especially love about the layering effect was I was able to place hearts within the layers.  Under some of the layers, I placed skinny pieces of foam tape so layers will remain dimensional.  There isn’t too much dimension, so there is no worry about mailing it.

Below are a few photos. I hope you’ll be inspired to try out a layering die too.  This one is so beautiful just on its own.

img_e3709-e1516246346192.jpg  img_e3710.jpg

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