Creative Coloring With Artist Markers

I’ve just completed an Altenew course called: Creative Coloring with Artist Markers.  Mindy Baxter who specializes in teaching marker usage classes instructed this course.  Marker coloring is new to me, so I was happy to try out this class.  I own the Altenew Markers set A.  While the course used sets A and B. I was able to complete the projects with just set A.  I followed along with the class coloring as she instructed and felt fairly good about my accomplishments.

I was inspired by Mindy’s final coloring.  She did a floral with multiple flowers and lots of leaves.  I thought, if I can do that.. WOW.  I inked and stamped the largest floral from Altenew Just Because stamp set.  I tried to color up the flower and ugh, it was awful.  I stepped back and practiced a bit more with some smaller images.  I felt confident to try again.  So, I stamped out the image again and started with the biggest tip Mindy gave, start with the leaves.  That helped me so much. When I got to the flowers, I started with ‘A’ petal and slowly worked through them all.

I am so please with how this has come out, I had to share it.  I have to add as well, I’ve incorporated some of the techniques I’ve learned from the other Altenew classes on this card as well.  If you haven’t checked out the courses you should give them a perusal.

Here’s my card.. Hope you will give the Altenew markers a go as well.

IMG_E4146  IMG_E4145


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