Black & White

Day 2 of the 10th “The Daily Marker 30 Day Coloring Challenge” with Kathy Racoosin and I decided to try out monochromatic coloring.  I recently added to my supplies the Copics in Warm Grey and Cool Grey.  I’ve colored the same image with each of the grey’s so we can see the differences.  I can say after seeing the difference, I can better choose when I want to use which grey tones.

I followed a lesson provided by Kit & Clowder online coloring classes.  Here is a link to Alyce’s website and her classes are awesome.  You get a pdf lesson book to accompany your online videos, AND, if you have any problems, you can send her a picture and you can discuss via Facebook or email.  I have done this with her and can say it works great.  She is very talented and her classes are very affordable.  As well, she provides a mid-month project as well, for subscribers, at no extra cost (you just need to stay subscribed).

Below are my two images.  I am in NO WAY a copic coloring person/expert, anything. This is practice work for me.  Coloring for fun; coloring to learn. I’ve only dabbled in some alcohol markers.  I hope you like the comparison and I hope you will check out both the 30 Day Marker Challenge as well as Kit & Clowder.


challenge_graphic_june_18_16x24-revised     kitandclowderbadge1

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