AECP Level 3 Challenge

It’s funny how you are anxious about a special day coming, but then once it’s here, suddenly nerves kick in.  September 11 is my AECP Final Challenge for the Altenew Educator Certification Program.

Level 3 Final Challenge:

  • Plan a workshop including all the pre-documentation of what will be covered,
  • Instruct 4-10 students in a workshop/classroom environment,
  • Complete a post reflection of how the workshop progressed,
  • Include live presentation using Google Hangout with Altenew leadership

Once I set the date, time and location with Altenew leadership, I started my card planning.  I wanted to touch on various techniques to showcase what I had learned and to show my crafters various options available in the hobby.  My cards encompassed three ideas:  1) Using all die cuts, 2) using a stencil, 3) layering.  If we progressed well, I had a bonus card which incorporated a few additional techniques.

Below are my card samples. The first is a holiday card using non-holiday dies. The second is a masculine birthday card using Nuvo mousse for the rock background.  The third card is CAS card using stamp layering.

IMG_5344  img_e5342.jpg  img_5345.jpg

I allotted about 30 minutes per card, but the first die cut card took way longer than I had anticipated.  Removing the excess from the glitter paper/die was extremely time consuming.  Reflecting back, I could run the die through the Big Shot additional times (I did a few, but 5 or 6 would be better) or I could invest in a metal die plate.  We overcame this by the students starting to assemble their cards while I assisted in running the glitter paper through the Big Shot additional times and helping to remove the excess.  The bonus to this was – everyone was very pleased with the final card.

The next two cards went very quickly.  Everyone had so much fun putting the Nuvo Mousse over the stencil and then seeing the awesome reveal.  For the Layering Card, I brought different colors of inks so you could choose your favorite color.  It was so fun to see everyone’s different choices and see the cards were all just as beautiful.

One take a way I personally had from this event was to see everyone’s own creative energies exerted.  Not everyone matched my cards exactly and I really think that is a great way to express your own uniqueness.  I had one young student just melt into the crafting and just let herself be free.  I love that everyone could release their inner art comfortably.  While, I became nervous as class time approached, I became relaxed as we progressed and I feel everything went very well.  My participants were even inquiring if I thought I would hold more classes as they really liked creating.

Thank you everyone who attended my class.  I had great time working with you!




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  1. Dear Francine, I had the privilege and joy of observing your lovely class. I know how much fun each participant had. I am quite impressed with the quality of the card design and craftsmanship of your participants. This truly shows how important and well thought-out with your pre-planning. Overall, I am so proud and happy that you have reached this milestone. I hope that you are all the more encouraged to host and teach card classes like this! Congratulations on your hard work and success.


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